4 January 2022 — by League Analyst

We have entered a new year and the professional league season is about to start once again. Around the world teams have been puzzling together their rosters to compete in their respective leagues, and possibly for the Summoner’s Cup at Worlds later this…

All-encompassing experiences in extended reality is the natural progression of what we today call “gaming”. By combining the virtual and the physical, we will soon be able to release ourselves from the confines and rules of our world, allowing us to experience the ultimate video game universe.

Life and video games

Today games are…

24 JUNE 2021 — by League Analyst

It’s only week two in the LEC but the pressure is already mounting for the 10 teams as playoffs comes closer. For Fnatic, the week started of with a spicy matchup against their former jungler Selfmade and his new teammates over on Vitality.

League Analyst

Martin — Swedish League of Legends analyst

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