Fnatic 2021 Summer

8 JUNE 2021 — by League Analyst

It’s only a few days left until the start of the LEC summer split, but for Fnatic it is much more than that. It’s the beginning of a new era of League of Legends! The team has reached 10 years in the space and is now looking to secure pieces to write the story of their future.

The headline of the mid-season for FNC has been the departure of Selfmade and the addition of the former Karmine Corp toplaner Adam. The signing is set to be a fundamental move for the organization that they can build around in the coming years.

FNC Adam

The introduction of Adam also means that Mr. Wide himself is transitioning to the jungle role. This is actually not the first time that Bwipo swaps roles as he he had a short stint as a botlaner together with Hylissang in 2018.

I would assume that the main reasoning for this move is communication based. Bwipo is clearly a key player for Fnatic and he undoubtedly has a big voice in the team. It seems like a natural change considering the role that Bwipo has taken as a player in recent years. With the support of the Fnatic organization, this move has a lot of potential and certainly makes sense considering their new acquisition.

This Friday we’ll get to see the new Fnatic team in action as they face of against Misfits in the last game in the day. With Worlds just a couple of months away, it’s time to step up and for Fnatic it will be a critical split after their disastrous exit out of the spring playoffs.

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Martin — Swedish League of Legends analyst

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