Fnatic Week 2 — A Return to Form

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2 min readJun 23, 2021


24 JUNE 2021 — by League Analyst

It’s only week two in the LEC but the pressure is already mounting for the 10 teams as playoffs comes closer. For Fnatic, the week started of with a spicy matchup against their former jungler Selfmade and his new teammates over on Vitality.

Being the first match of a potential new rivalry, many expected a competitive game filled with aggression and early skirmishes. Fnatic however, had no intention of going soft on their former teammate. In 30 quick minutes they dismantled Vitality and silenced all doubters of the new Fnatic roster.

Fnatic’s star botlane had a particularly impressive performance and finished the game with a combined KDA of 14/4/30, dominating the game from start to finish with the aggressive combo of Kalista and Braum.

Gold + Damage distribution (FNC vs VIT)
FNC vs VIT highligts

On Sunday we got to view the British derby between Fnatic and Excel. The game was rather slow and drawn out, especially considering it is Fnatic we are talking about. Bwipo had a shining performance on Rumble and built a huge lead in the jungle after a failed level 1 invade by XL, resulting in a huge snowball. Despite not being the cleanest of games, Fnatic was able to close out and extended their head to head record against XL to 11–0.

XL vs FNC highlights

It has to be said that Fnatic is looking rather impressive in these opening weeks of the LEC. The recklessness and overaggressive nature that haunted the team in spring has been tempered somewhat with the mid-season changes and now we are seeing a surprising amount of control compared to previous splits.

Their games so far have looked solid, both in terms of decision making and mechanical play. Flashes of individual brilliance are still common, but it is as a team that we’ve seen the most progress compared to the Fnatic team from last split.

LEC standings after week 2

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