Worlds 2022 Player Power Rankings (20–11)

29 SEPTEMBER 2022 — by League Analyst | ft. Yohan Markov

The World Championship is here! The best players from around the world have gathered to fight for the summoners cup once again. Today, we'll start counting down the players that I believe will stand out a bit extra, the crème de la crème. To get an additional perspective, I’ve turned to Yohan Markov, who also provided two honorable mentions which will be included in the list.

As always, these ratings are based on pure facts and absolutely no subjective opinions. With that in mind, let’s begin!

When talking about the best enchanters in the world, Missing is one of the players that should be in the discussion. Maybe not the flashiest player that we’ll cover in this list, but when it comes to reliable high level support play, this is your guy.

One of the key contributors who helped EDG win the 2021 World Championship. Scout is one of those players who always has been up there when it comes to LPL midlaners. Even though the meta shifts from patch to patch, I’ve never felt like Scout wasn't capable of performing. He simply does his job and does it well, what more do you really need?

A support player that actually gets resources in draft? Who is this guy? Trymbi is one of the most creative and knowledgeable support players I’ve seen in quite some time. If there is anyone who can figure out the perfect pick for the game and pull it off, it’s Trymbi.

Let's make one thing very clear. The one and only reason that DRX are at Worlds this year is because of this guy. Deft is the veteran who keeps the ship steady and guides his team towards victory. Last year he led a shaky Hanwha Life to Worlds quarterfinals together with Chovy, and now he's back at it again with DRX.

The best player in Europe by far, it’s Caps. Even with G2 struggling to find form, Caps keeps delivering from the midlane and is always a threat on the rift. Even when faced with a hopeless situation, he has an uncanny ability to make things work. He is Europe’s own clutchmeister and possibly the only western player who can put up a fight with the best players in the world.

Our first honorable mention, it’s Canyon. We remember him as the MVP from the World Championship back in 2020. This season has been a bit more shaky. But, as with most players from the DWG squad, performance ramped up quickly during the summer playoffs. There are still issues regarding overall team synergy and finding impact on the map. But if the team can figure out their style and continue ramping up, Canyon might be one of the unexpected stars of this year's championship.

Arguably the best strong side toplaner in the LCK, it is T1’s own Zeus. The young prodigy has had a fantastic split over in Korea and will now get a chance to test his abilities versus the best in the world. It’s still unclear what approach T1 will have coming into the tournament, but regardless of what is required of him, I expect Zeus to deliver some high level gameplay.

In a team as volatile as RNG, having that one guy to fall back on means everything. Gala is one of those players that always delivers good and stable gameplay on the rift. We saw it at MSI earlier this year; 2nd highest DPM in the entire tournament, only falling short to our #15, Zeus. Don’t sleep on Gala, otherwise we might just see RNG on top once again-

Now this might be controversial, and we might not even get to see this player at Worlds at all. Nuguri has been splitting time this split, but with the Worlds meta seemingly favoring the high activity toplaners, I think this is THE guy. Despite not finding top form so far in 2022, Nuguri has shown signs of former glory and I have this lingering feeling that he will be the key to DWG’s success at Worlds.

The unkillable demon king, Faker. The best player to ever touch the game. Surrounded by young rising talents, the king has taken a more supportive role in T1. He is the veteran leader and the young guns are his weapons. But don't think that if you disrespect him, you'll get away with it. It is Faker we are talking about after all.

To finish off the first half of the list, we have THE Singed guy, Lehends. But to get the full idea, we have to look past his signature pick. Because what makes Lehends a world-class support is his insane diversity. Engagers, enchanters, wardens, you name it and Lehends plays it. He is the full package and keeps it clean and consistent, which can’t be said for most supports.

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Martin — Swedish League of Legends analyst

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